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Lansdowne School exists to facilitate Kindergarten to Grade 6 education focused on developing students into well-rounded learners. We take an open approach to learning that encourages students to be curious, engaged, motivated, and secure with themselves.

We believe in inclusive learning that supports students’ unique backgrounds and experiences. We facilitate community building within and outside of our school, and our students understand the importance of their role as community members.

We foster a welcoming environment that provides learning opportunities focused on developing well-rounded children with a global perspective. Students leave Lansdowne School with a better understanding of who they are and the confidence to pursue their interests as they move through their educational journey.


School Values

Learning — we embrace rich learning environments. Knowledge is gained through different experiences that don’t just come from books and computers. We believe learning should encompass the academic, social, creative, and physical and mental wellbeing of a student’s development. 

Community — whether it’s within the walls of our school, or outside of them, fostering a culture of belonging and inclusivity is second nature at Lansdowne School. 

Inclusivity — we recognize and embrace the uniqueness of each student at Lansdowne School. Diversity of background, thought, and experience makes our school a richer place to learn. 

Responsibility — we are respectful, welcoming, and kind. We hold ourselves accountable and acknowledge we have a duty to be good global citizens. 

Safety — Lansdowne School is a safe space. Students, teachers, staff, parents and visitors feel welcome and secure. Each member of our community feels safe to express themselves and grow and learn to achieve their best.