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Regular Program


We would like to welcome you to our Kindergarten program.  We are looking forward to working with you and your child during this important school year.  We hope to make this year a rewarding learning experience for your child and to help establish positive attitudes towards school.

With your help and participation, we know we will have a happy and successful year!

Our morning Kindergarten hours are from 8:35 to 11:35 a.m.  

Students should line up in the Kindergarten line outside on the tarmac at the beginning of each class.


Please note

Lansdowne School is full in planned classes in:

  • Grades 3 and 4 in the regular program
  • Kindergarten and Grade 1 in the Cogito program

For the regular program, we will now only accept resident students in Grades 3 and 4 who have newly moved into the school’s attendance area. A resident student of Edmonton Public Schools has at least one parent or legal guardian living in Edmonton who is not Roman Catholic. Non-resident students can enrol in another Division school with space in planned classes.

If you are registering for Kindergarten or if you are new to Edmonton Public Schools, you must register online.


Grades 1 to 6

Lansdowne School offers a variety of programming providing instruction that follows the mandated Alberta curriculum.  The learning needs of our students dictate how teachers differentiate the Alberta curriculum so that all students achieve success in their learning.  All of our programming is based on the Alberta Education Program of Studies.

The Alberta Education Program of Studies is followed with a unique multi-cultural emphasis.

We offer regular programming from Kindergarten to Grade 6.



The music program at Lansdowne provides all students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 the opportunity to explore music with a trained music specialist


French as a Second Language

French as a second language is offered in Grades 4 to 6.

French as a Second Language instruction is based on the Accelerative Integrated Method (AIM) and is provided to grades 4, 5 and 6 students.

The foreign language teaching methodology known as Accelerative Integrated Method uses gestures, music, dance and theater to help students learn.

The basic premise of AIM is that students learn and remember better when they do something that goes along with the words they are saying.  For example, while the students say regard (to look), they hold their hands in front of their eyes in the shape of binoculars.  This "Gesture Approach" includes defined gestures for hundreds of essential French words, known as "Pared Down Language."  The gestures are then combined with theater, storytelling, dance, and music to help students remember and use the language.


Our Approach to Learning

At Lansdowne School, we foster a learning atmosphere where students receive a fulfilling elementary education complete with new knowledge, rich opportunities, diversity of perspective, and an understanding that they are members of a greater global community.

We approach learning with the goal of creating well-rounded students who are socially and environmentally conscious. We incorporate global perspectives into learning and encourage students to become critical thinkers who respectfully embrace a diversity of opinions.