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Parent Groups

The Lansdowne Elementary School Council and the Parent's Association of Lansdowne Students (PALS) are committed to supporting Lansdowne School. We believe our main priority is to help ensure a high quality of education for our children. We play an advisory and supportive role to the principal and staff, and our volunteers work to support community/school activities, and to provide money/assistance for activities that enhance our children's learning.

Working an independent casino has raised most of our money. Many parents give up their valuable time ensuring that PALS has a substantial amount of money to spend on enhancements for the school, benefiting all our children. Hosting “special lunches” raises other small sums of money. Thank you to all members of the Lansdowne Community for their support of all fundraising endeavours.

The Parent Association's objectives are re-defined annually. PALS has supported many activities in the school, and continues to provide financial support to the Music, Art,  and Physical Education programs. We have sponsored events for the Science program as well. For the past few years, we helped fund a ski trip for the whole school to enjoy a day of skiing at Snow Valley, and we were able to buy books and sports equipment as well. Every year we sponsor cultural performances; usually we enjoy a dance, a singing group and a theatre group. We hold a family dance, help celebrate multicultural days and hold a book fair that buys books for the library.

PALS meetings are held once a month (except December and June) during the school year. Please join us.  We would love to meet you!