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Cogito K-3 at Lansdowne School for the 2024-2025 School Year!

We are excited to announce that Lansdowne School will be offering Cogito programming for students in K-3, in addition to our regular program, in the 2024-2025 school year. Space in the Cogito program is limited. Please contact the office at 780-434-3160 or by email to lansdowne@epsb.ca to learn more. 

Cogito is a knowledge-based program with clearly defined standards of achievement and measurable learning objectives. Cogito is dedicated to helping average students maximize their academic potential. Cogito (ko-gi-to) is Latin for, I reason. The program provides a Classic Liberal Arts Education and is designed for the student who is willing to work to achieve a high level of academic excellence in a knowledge-based program, and in a teacher-directed atmosphere of structured and sequenced learning. Critical thinking is stressed. Students work in an environment that promotes self-discipline.

The unique program characteristics include:

  • Enriched core curriculum
  • Sequenced knowledge content, with emphasis on mastery learning
  • Focus on attention and increased concentration
  • Early literacy developed through explicit phonics instruction
  • Explicit spelling and grammar instruction
  • Strong mental and written math skill development that emphasizes computational and problem solving skills
  • Teachers oriented to a classical approach
  • Direct, whole group instruction
  • Strong work-ethic expected
  • Regular homework required
  • Committed parental support

Please visit the Edmonton Public Schools Cogito Alternative Program website for helpful program information.

Please note: Lansdowne School is full in planned classes in Kindergarten and Grade 1 in the Cogito program


"Meetings for Success"

All Kindergarten applicants interested in the Cogito Program will be required to participate in a 'Meeting for Success'. This is an opportunity for prospective students to engage in age-appropriate tasks presented in a Cogito setting while being observed by the teachers. School Administration will use the evidence and observations collected during the ‘Meeting for Success’ to engage parents in a conversation about the child’s readiness for the expectations and demands of the program. These meetings are an important way to connect with our new families and students, and this connection is vital to student success in the Cogito program.


Grade 1 to Grade 3

New registrants interested in the Cogito Program can be asked to provide a copy of their latest Progress Report. School Administration can use this to engage parents in a conversation about the child’s readiness for the expectations and demands of the program. Levels of achievement are not used as the sole determining factor for the child’s readiness for the program.