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School Profile

Lansdowne School has a rich history as a diverse community of students, teachers, staff, and parents. Lansdowne School has had as many as 41 languages spoken among its population, exposing students to the vibrant multicultural fabric that makes up Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada. 

Our balanced curriculum allows children to recognize their own areas of strength and appreciate the strength of others. We nurture diverse learning opportunities to create well-rounded students who are socially and environmentally conscious. We meaningfully incorporate global perspectives into learning and encourage students to become critical thinkers who respectfully embrace a diversity of opinions. 

Over the years, Lansdowne School has maintained a modest-sized student body drawing from communities around Edmonton, that’s continued to develop the school’s “small town” feel. A safe place where everyone watches out for each other, Lansdowne School is a friendly, caring tight-knit community where learning is fun and friendships are long-lasting.